Silver Listing
Silver is a fully indexable listing for title, content, keywords and keyword backlink.

It provides a high quality (trusted) external ‘automotive’ (authority) backlink.

Full follow keyword Backlink included with your choice of anchor text.

What's Included

Title: Business Name
Business Description: Company, Services, Products (unlimited words)
Contact Information: Address, Telephone
Website Link (url)
Backlink: Keyword link (followable)

Where the listing APPEARS

Rate - Term
  • AU$28.50 - 1 Year
  • AU$48.50 - 2 Year
  • AU$79.50 - Permanent
Rate: AU $Australian Dollars including GST.

Order Listing

How to Order
  1. Select Pay (below) Credit Card & PayPal options
  2. After payment is received, the page redirects to listing application form (immediate)
  3. Sales review and activation (24 hours) confirmed by email

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Ripefruit Media (Australia) Payment appears as (statement): Ripefruit
PO Box 12728 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC Australia 8006
ABN 79 118 342 788
Telephone: (03) 9442 4348

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