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Bad Credit Car Loans

Been knocked back by the banks? Have defaults or ex-bankrupt?

Our experts will ensure that you can get the best solution for your car loan needs so that the loan can be processed in the fastest possible time and at the lowest possible interest rate!

BadCreditCarLoans.com.au is a non-conforming specialist broker assisting customers to get approvals through their panel of second tier lenders.

Same Day Approvals

Our application process is quick & easy. BadCreditCarLoans.Com.Au has the systems, technology and consultants that can get your application approved fast.

Access to Multiple Lenders

Compare and save with BadCreditCarLoans.Com.Au. We will shop your deal around from multiple lenders to get you the best deal.

100% Finance

100% finance, no money down. At BadCreditCarLoans.Com.Au we can provide 100% finance + also finance all types of insurance to make sure you have adequate protection.

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Bad Credit Car Loans
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