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Braddon 4WD Club

The Braddon 4WD club was formed in 1982 when we all owned a short wheel base Toyota or a land rover with a CB radio , shovel and a sensible approach to the track.

Then the Patrol and Suzuki appeared with wide wheels (not mud tyres) and tow hooks fitted. Tow hooks and straps were used time after time in club rallies during the 1980s. The club numbers grew and many accessible areas were lost to National Parks and reserves. As the club had day trips nearly every month into the forest, beaches, lake areas of Tasmania in the dry season and also the winter many snow driving outings. By the 1990s we were driving longer vehicles with UHFs, bull bars, mud tyres, snatch straps and carried a chain saw. The bigger range of vehicles available were much higher off the ground after a member had changes made to the leaf springs. By the year 2000 it was coil springs, a winch was common as well as a snorkel , as some lucky buggers had locking diffs and a CD player Having major camping trips on the West Coast of Tasmania during the New Years break and at Easter have turned out to be very popular. As of today we seem to have many accessories fitted to the vehicle as well as GPS equipment, auto transmission, full time 4wd, satellite phones, CDMA phones, not forgetting we all now have a CD player (Mp3), a movie camera if not a digital camera. But we still need a good shovel and those tow hooks and be aware of the inviroment (tread lightly)..
Newsletters after each meeting started in the mid 1980s and still continues today with the efforts of some of our devoted members. Trying to be kept informed on issues concerning our lifestyle can get very involved with some Government departments. The club a number of times now has had Mainland four wheel drive clubs contact us for advice on tracks and also been on a number of our outings and camped overnight, which we have had pleasure hearing stories from other parts of Australia. The National Four wheel drive Gathering was held in Tasmania in 2006 which some of our members organised tag along events which were very successful. We have two life members whom over the years have contributed a great deal of time and their own expenses to functions and trips many times over and still would help in any way possible to make someone's life easier.
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Braddon 4WD Club
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