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Idlers 4WD Club of Victoria

For retired persons who enjoy using their vehicles during the off peak periods. Trip reports, pictures and subscription information.

The Idlers 4WD Club meet during the day, mid-week, and enjoy weekday 4WD trips on quiet tracks, leaving the weekends to the leisure-deprived four wheel drivers. Most of our members are retired or semi-retired, or are about to be. Many members have transferred from other 4WD clubs with their change in lifestyle giving them more free time to enjoy their recreation and they bring a great deal of experience with them.

Some members are possibly looking for a more relaxed experience when they go tripping about. Many have had enough of clawing up rocky tors on the end of a winch, and pushing their way along overgrown tracks looking for the next deep river crossing. Some members have even down-sized their vehicle to a more economical model, more suited to their diminished needs and financial situation.

Some of our members though are new to both retirement and four wheel driving and are looking to fulfil a long-held dream of seeing the real Australia. They have perhaps just bought their first 4WD vehicle and usually acknowledge that they have a lot to learn.
New members are asked to join us on an overnight camp in the hills near Melbourne so that we can get to know each other, and our vehicles, a little better. We also ask, for safety and security, that vehicles meet a minimum standard of suitability, that is, 4WD, adequate ground clearance and recovery points front and rear. We also recommend that the Proficiency 4WD Course developed by FWD Victoria and presented by Idler Club members who are accredited trainers be undertaken to reinforce driver skills.

While the strong focus of the Idlers is based around four wheel driving, with extensive and sometimes challenging remote and Victorian desert and high country trips, we also support a strong social calendar that provides the avenue for those with varying 4WD needs and habits to come together as equals and enjoy the company of each other. In short the Idlers 4WD Club is what its members make it.

If you are interested in coming aboard take the first step through one the contacts on the links below or come to a Club meeting at Eley Park,South Blackburn, second Wednesday of every month, 10:30 AM. See you there."

The Details:

We are a club established in 1995 and have grown rapidly. Our success lies in the uniqueness of our membership. We are not just a four wheel drive club.
The club is also open to AWD cars with appropriate ground clearance and front and rear recovery points.
We cater for the needs of those who, like us, are retired or semi retired and wish to use their vehicle properly and who wish to travel with like-minded people during off-peak periods.
We meet formally once a month and enjoy having a get-together and a chat. We conduct the organizational business of the club and talk about where we have been and what exciting things we can do.

So come and see us. Visitors are always welcome.

Idlers 4WD Club of Victoria
Blackburn South Victoria AU 3130
, Blackburn South, Victoria, 313003 9874 7222

03 9874 7222 Link:: http://www.fwdvictoria.org.au/