Keyword Backlink

A clear explanation of how 'automotive industry' keyword backlinks work.

A good quality backlink is one included in the body content from an authority “automotive” website.

The backlink must be a "follow" (rel="follow") hyperlink.

The hyperlink text should be the campaign target term (Sydney Driving School)

Even a single quality backlink can increase a search ranking by as much as 10 places.

Quality Backlink

  1. Authority automotive website
  2. Follow link (rel=follow)
  3. Campaign text link

*Motoring Directory Australia: No #1 Keyword Backlink

  • Listing includes follow “Keyword Backlink”.
Good backlink text

  • Backlink (bad): Gazza's Driving School
  • Backlink (good): Sydney Driving School
Common Issue

Customer tells us "our competition ranks higher for the same keyword searches".


They rank higher because they have incoming Keyword Backlinks.


Acquire incoming Keyword Backlinks.

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