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The Trike

The New Inventors

8:00pm Wednesday, April 13, 2005

There's a real buzz about ABC TV's The New Inventors and its fans won't want to miss tonight's episode featuring a child's trike, a steam sensor for bathrooms and an Aussie Mozzie sleeping tube.

Joining the panel of experts debating the merits of each invention is green architect and designer Tone Wheeler. Twenty-five years ago when Tone was an undergraduate student he built an autonomous house out of beer bottles, handmade technology and other recycled materials. Recently, he designed a self-contained retreat on a beautiful, solitary, tropical island for Edward De Bono, the acclaimed writer on creative thought. Tone Wheeler is ably assisted tonight by agricultural consultant and industrial innovator Chris Russell and journalist and inventor Christine Kininmonth.

#1. The Trike

Big hearted Adelaide industrial designer and part-time car restorer Frank Iglio, 23, has developed a three-wheel bicycle that children with lower limb disabilities can ride and enjoy without having to worry about peddles. Propelled forward by a unique push and pull action of the handlebars the Trike is primarily designed for children with disabilities aged three to six but it can also be used by their able-bodied friends. Frank's tricycle provides a safe, cheap and fun opportunity for young children with disabilities to enjoy physical activity normally denied them.

The People's Choice!
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Trike by Frank Iglio

The Trike is a 3 wheel mechanical toy vehicle that is propelled forward by a unique push and pull action of the handlebars. It is designed primarily for children with disabilities for whom riding a standard bicycle with pedals isn’t possible (eg. paraplegics), whilst also meeting the needs of the average child.

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The trike is motoring on!

The endless possibilities for such a remarkably simple concept.

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motoring on

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Frank Iglio

The Trike
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Link:: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/guide/netw/200504/programs/AC0419H010D13042005T200000.htm