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Toyota Corolla Recall | August 2018 Model

TOYOTA has recalled its most popular car, the Corolla.

Toyota, which dominates the local market, will recall 2640 new-model Corollas due to faulty automatic CVT (continuously variable transmission ) gearboxes.

The recall applies only to the new Corolla launched in August and involves only the two-litre petrol-powered versions with the CVT.

Toyota says that in certain circumstances, the car’s torque converter may be damaged, causing the CVT to lose power and risking a crash. There have been no known instances or injuries in Australia.

Pulley-and-belt style CVTs are fitted to many Toyotas. They produce better fuel economy than toothed-gear boxes.

Toyota Corolla Recall | August 2018 Model
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Link:: https://recalls.toyota.com.au/